A quick review of Cuphead Game – a 1930s cartoon runaway game!

Cuphead is a side-scrolling shooter video game with a unique cartoon art style. Run, jump, and shoot your way through this action-packed adventure.
  • Platforms compatible for Cuphead Game: Windows 7+, MacOS
  • Genre: Action
  • Only Single Player
  • Game Size for Cuphead Cartoon Game: 16.1 GB
  • Price: 5 to 18 USD
  • Game Website: https://www.cupheadgame.com/

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Cuphead game is a side-scrolling shooter video game with a unique cartoon art style. Run, jump, and shoot your way through this action-packed adventure.
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Cuphead video game review

I spent nearly 70 hours playing Cuphead, and I cannot forget that period, as I was in the process of submitting my most difficult university exams, which took two months straight; Cuphead was an outlet for me to release the tension of that period, and despite the difficulty of the game, I felt that my effort was positively reflected in the game, unlike exams.

It is worth noting that my first attempt to play the game took up most of my time, while the second ending took me only about two hours, and this, if anything, is that anyone can easily acquire the skills necessary to destroy all monsters in the game.

Of course, these 70 hours were not the time I needed to finish the game, but rather what I needed to get all the achievements on Steam with those that come with the additional content!

Cuphead Game Story

The events of the game revolve around the two brothers, Cuphead and Magman, or “Magzi” – as his brother calls him in the animation series – and on Sunday they find themselves in the casino run by Satan – The Devil – despite Elder Kettle’s numerous warnings to them not to participate in it, and while playing they achieve successive victories and the Devil He bets them on all the casino property if they win, but if they lose, he will take their souls. Of course, the reason for his intervention was not in vain, as his plan from the beginning is to manipulate the results to reap their lives and the lives of everyone who participates in his casino. And of course, the failure of the two brothers required them to ask for mercy from the devil, so he told them that they had to bring the souls of all those who owed him money so that their adventure with the Inkwell Isles began after that.

Cuphead Cartoon Game Playing Style

The game is a classic run-and-gun style, you can play alone or with one of your friends, it was my first attempt to play with the participation of my brother, it is worth noting that the game increases the difficulty of opponents if two players participate, whether by increasing HP or weapons Which the opponent uses against you, as a natural result of that it will take more time to conclude the game.

There are many additional weapons and powers that you can use in the game, but you need money to buy them from the BorkRend store, and the money is scattered all over the map, some of which are in hidden areas, and some of which you need to complete special tasks for secondary characters, which added a kind of fun to the game.

At first, I found it difficult to master some of the elements in the game, such as parry and dash, because I used them differently. Sometimes I needed them and sometimes not.

Graphics and Art style

Cuphead’s drawings are one of the things that were undoubtedly among the reasons for its popularity. No one can deny that a two-dimensional perspective with music and special effects such as the kind of blur found in old cinema films made us recall the old cartoon series that we used to watch in our childhood; this was not a coincidence, according to the statements of the game developers, they got inspiration in designing the world and the characters of the game from many old cartoon films, such as Popeye, for example, and other Disney films that were in the thirties of the last century.

It is also worth noting that the player can change the appearance of the graphics if he does some special things in the game, for example, you can make the entire game black and white when you complete certain stages without killing anyone – in fact, this is a way to get the Pacifist achievement -.

Music and sounds

The music and sound mode are no different from the graphics mode, but in my opinion, the music had a greater role in integrating me into the game, and it contributed to attracting my attention more than the visual effects. Perhaps the reason for this is due to the jazz music or the cartoon sounds that were issued from the weapons, the environment, and the monsters. In general, Cuphead succeeded in engaging my sense of hearing, and I was able to store a lot of sounds in my memory that I can until this moment play in my head even though it has been months since I last played Cuphead.

Some tips to not lose your temper in Cuphead 1930 Cartoon Game Review

The first piece of advice: try to make the game an outlet for your anger and stress instead of making it an additional reason for your daily problems, and try to enjoy the difficulty that you will face in the game at the beginning because it will lose something that distinguishes it when confronting the bad guys becomes easy.

The second tip: If you feel bored or despair about winning one of the monsters, there is no objection to looking at YouTube and searching for ways to facilitate the difficult stages for you, because in fact without the help of YouTube, I would not have been able to obtain all the achievements.

The third tip: If you feel repetitive, use the Miss Chalis character and go to the Inkwell Isle IV. What distinguishes the added content island is its possession of many new things, such as the stages of the King’s Gauntlet in which you face all the chess stones, as each one of them has a special method for defeating him, i.e. In short, you will not need to confront it in traditional ways. On top of that, there is a special secret on the island (spoiler, skip to tip 4 and stop reading: there are three people who will clue you in on a vague way to face the devil again, and the mystery is specific to each player’s experience).

The fourth piece of advice: If you love challenges, strive to get all the achievements in the game. Some achievements will make you despair of obtaining them, but this is the purpose of their existence in the first place.

Fifth tip: Talk to all the side characters present, most of them have secrets and easter eggs that can change your experience of the game, and some of them are even necessary to get cash in the game.

Sixth advice: The money in the game is enough to buy everything that is in the BorkRend store, and if you buy additional content, you will find the new weapons present, so be aware of your random exchange and choose what you need carefully.

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