Athena movie review – the hot revenge revolution

Athena movie review - the hot revenge revolution
  • Athena cinema Release Date: September 04, 2022
  • Audience: 60%
  • Critic’s average rating: 70%
  • France based movie also available on Arabic Language.
  • Genres: Drama 

Athena Movie is available on Netflix.

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At the beginning of the Athena movie review, it can be said that they say that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction in the direction, and the reactions differ according to the nature of the person and the circumstances he is exposed to, whether positive or negative. And obtaining what he wants, and at times those who arm themselves with violence are a means to respond decisively to everyone who does the opposite of what he imagines in their imagination and believes in, and at other times he who turns away and refuses confrontation and chooses the easy way, which is indifference.

Different life pictures are actual indications of human behavior in the reality around us, and the aspect that Athena touches on here (the latest display of the Netflix platform this year, which was also shown within the activities of the Venice Festival) is the dark side of the saying and the real reflection of the violent reaction, and with painful blows as The fierce revolution against what may be considered a tragic loss, and the confrontation also with the utmost levels of chaos and destruction, regardless of the size of the losses and the impact of the matter on the society, which is affected by the same fate as the aspired goals, and it could be more than that.

Athena Movie Story

The events of the movie Athena revolve around three siblings whose lives are thrown into chaos when their little brother is killed in mysterious circumstances. They get results different from what they imagine.

Athena Movie Review

The movie Athena is distinguished by the secret rhythm and the smooth transition between the multiple chapters of the film. There is no randomness in the movement between the events that are narrated through the eyes of the main characters, and all of them take place at appropriate times that suit the course of the story and the escalation of its pace with the intensification of the situation and the desires of the characters for revenge or the resulting changes, especially in the stages. The last part of the film, “Roman Greaves” chose the best method to be able to attract the viewer’s attention from the first moment with a strong, fast-paced action scene, with which the film opens with an explosion of events from the beginning, and with the passage of time we find remarkable development, whether in the details of the story or in the scenes of clashes and battles that occupy A large part of the movie Athena

There is also an appropriate space for some dramatic moments, especially in the second half of the film, which greatly affects an important decision taken by the script (it will not go into details to avoid spoilers), and Athena was given another dimension that adds to the general situation or the goal that the characters seek, but in a way, It combines many elements, whether from drama, as previously mentioned, or action and tragedy.

This was helped by the right decision made by the director, “Roman Griffiths”, in order to experience the event as if we were inside it, which is the use of a continuous non-stop shooting technique or what is known as “One Shot”, which makes it quite easy to interact with what is happening and follow the characters in his endeavor, or When confrontations flare-up between the two sides of the conflict, including the residents of “Athens” and the police, the same applies to the characters, who make it easier, by directing the camera to them with a lot of “close-ups”, to know their suffering and explore the justifications for their actions, which they know very well that they can lead to their fate. A major tragedy from which it is difficult to escape.

The most prominent acting performance definitely goes to Dali Ben Salah, a Frenchman of Algerian origin, who contributed a lot to the effectiveness of the dramatic side of the story, and the scenario helped him a lot by being an essential element throughout the entire journey, to be the ambassador of the viewer within the events and the eye that sees everything that happens. From the violence, cruelty, and transformations that happen to those around him, he is indeed the star of the movie par excellence, and he deserves all the praises he received, especially from the audience.

Athena Film Conclusion:

In conclusion, the movie Athena was not chosen to represent “France” at the Oscars this year, but it was able to achieve what is most important, which is the great interaction of everyone who watched it, whether at the Venice Festival or on the “Netflix” platform, as it is a great epic behind which there is a great passion. Broadcasting activity within the cinematic tapes, with different ideas and continuous movement within the scenes and clips.

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