Avatar: The Way of Water movie review

Avatar Movie Review -Avatar the way of Water

Avatar the way of Water or Avatar 2:

  • Avatar Movie Release Date: December 16, 2022
  • Audience: 70
  • Critic’s average rating: 77+, Read more avatar review, Follow IMDB
  • USA based Movie.
  • Genres: Epic Science based Fiction Film
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Before delving into the details of the Avatar: The Way of Water review, it can be said that in addition to being the most profitable movie in the history of modern cinema, the 2009 movie “Avatar” is a major cinematic event comparable to many Hollywood works that have great credit for the audience. And it surpasses them in certain elements, the most prominent of which is certainly the visual experience, which is witnessing great progress in the technology of filmmaking.

What is interesting about the “Avatar” experience is the method and method adopted by the great director “James Cameron” in creating the “Avatar” cinematic world with more films with experiences similar to the first part, by working for a long period of nearly thirteen years to design the “Pandora” world. “In several stages that are manifested in each of the upcoming parts, a complex process that led to more postponements for the dates of the parts following the first film, which made many wonders whether these films will come to light or not as a result of those “Cameron” decisions that, although they are far in time and time, however, it was to create different and unique experiences that make a huge impact in science fiction cinema with all its distinguished artistic creations.

Why is the Avatar remake in cinemas again?

Indeed, that delay came in the interest of the series and the audience greatly, when the movie Avatar: The Way of Water was released at the end of this year 2022, loaded with a wonderful experience on the visual level that soars inside “Pandora” toward new horizons that we did not see in the first part, and relieves the eyes of viewers with the most beautiful pictures and clips. Designed with the creativity of high quality and standard, it carries with it the cinematic pleasure that ends this cinematic season most beautifully and satisfactorily possible for cinema lovers in general.

Avatar 2 Movie Story (Avatar The Way of Water)

Avatar: The Way of Water continues the story of Corporal Jack Sully, who has completely transformed into his Avatar and now lives with Neytiri and their four sons inside Pandora, but an old threat to the safety of his family returns, forcing Sully to make an important decision. To protect everyone from the danger coming to them from the sky.

Avatar the way of water Movie review

The story of Avatar: The Way of Water may be smooth and simple without any major complications except for the main danger represented by Colonel Quartish, who died in the previous part and whose memories were carried inside his avatar, but it is not a big problem that counts the negativity that Cameron bears. In terms of dramatic treatment, this part simply refers to the importance of the family and that it is the strength and equipment to face any danger, which is evident through several aspects within the film and in many scenes that are naturally encapsulated in visual dazzling throughout the three hours and ten minutes, which is the period specified in the film.

The primary concern and concern of “James Cameron” was to portray “Pandora” from the side of the sea using CGI as a means of creating a marine world that is similar to reality only in that it is a place that constitutes a vital natural area belonging to “Pandora” and its environment and climate, which is what “Cameron” succeeded in Actually, through the enormous visual formations of the marine world, which can only be compared to a vibrant water paradise, and the stunning scenery that captures the conscience and fascinates the eye with every minute detail that Cameron places and increases the aesthetic and cinematic appearance of each shot in Avatar: The Way of Water.

This comes in addition to the epic scenes that may not have been many within the context of the events, but they are characterized by equality between the two sides of good and evil, and the excitement and anticipation that makes the viewer feel fear and anxiety for the main characters, the most important of which, of course, is the closing scene that Cameron gave the great importance in terms of ideas that shock An image of the conflict on which the story of the film is based, and the quality of the visual effects, which are generally free from any problems and defects that do not require an expert to monitor them.

In this work, we are in front of a group of old characters from the previous part in addition to some new elements such as “Tunwari” and “Ronal”, the leaders of the marine “Almatkina” people, and he embodies the vocal performances of “Cliff Curtis” and the star “Kate Winslet”, who may not have known Some say that it is present due to the delays that affected Avatar: The Way of Water for a long time, but despite that, there is a good performance at the level of voice delivery appropriate to the nature of the momentary characters or when danger threatens them.

Excellence remains, of course, for the trio “Sam and Rington” in the role of “Sully”, who has the biggest challenge in the story in preserving his family from the danger that threatens it, and “Zoe Saldana”, who supports the heart, soul, and body of “Sully” and “Stephen Lang”, the symbol of evil and violence in the movie that The scenario gave him a certain curve through which we see a different medical character within the events.

Conclusion for movie Avatar Review

In conclusion, there may be great anticipation for the quality of content that “James Cameron” will present in the upcoming parts of the series, after knowing the simplicity of the story and the small titles on which much was built epically and visually, but the important thing that everyone knows is that whatever “Cameron” will present later does not It is possible to bet against it and that it will be disastrous because Cameron’s response is amazing on all technical and direct levels.

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