Causeway movie review – about mental disorder and the search for re-adaptation

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Causeway Movie:

  • Release Date of Causeway Movie: September 10, 2022
  •  Audience: 55%
  •  Critic’s average rating: 65%
  • USA based Movie.
  • Genres: Drama

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Causeway Movie Review

From time immemorial, what most frightened some people was getting diabetes, stress disorder, and other chronic diseases, but today the danger lies in exposure to psychological setbacks and moral disorders resulting from exposure to traumatic and stressful situations that strip a person of his humanity and plunge him into cycles of sadness, brokenness, and anger. He exaggerates, until the layers of his sound, upright nature fade away, and his life changes three hundred and sixty degrees, and he becomes a different person than he was in the past.

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This widespread situation in that period of time is the focus of the story of the Causeway movie, the latest version of the “Apple” platform, which was shown at the “Toronto” Film Festival last September, where we are exposed to a study of a character returning from “Afghanistan” trying to adapt to life again. And finding her lost self as a result of the repercussions of the circumstances she was exposed to, and this type of work is not only distinguished by the strength of the dramatic aspects that facilitate the viewer’s connection with all its details, but rather by being a realistic reflection of what happens to people, especially those who are in psychological suffering, and attempts to treat that disorder and recover from it by all possible means.

This is why Causeway movie succeeded in adhering to the rules of realistic films and harnessing all artistic, narrative, narrative, and directorial means in order to form a general and healing picture of the conditions of a group of people who are subjected to the worst torment that no one can bear at all or coexist with and with this constant toil.

Causeway movie story:

Causeway revolves around Lindsey, who suffers a brain injury during her presence with the US Army in Afghanistan and forces her to return home again, where she tries to adapt to life again and be among people, especially with her mother and her friend James.

Causeway 2022 review:

The screenplay of Causeway laments the suffering of “Linzey” directly and indirectly, meaning that during the hour and a half we are exposed to a number of scenes depicting the serious attempts of “Linzey” to return to life naturally and gradually by finding suitable work and communicating with others again, and it remains The most obvious example within the events is her relationship with the car technician “James”, which through appropriate development of events and a quiet upward rhythm, we see the impact of that relationship on “Linzi” over time, and that it is the most important, and certainly not the only, way to recover from her great injury.

This indirect method, as for the other image, is embodied in the expressions of “Linzie” herself, whether in words or through frowning, broken facial expressions that look at the void or the universe around her with the eyes of a character who incurs the hardships of the past and the pains of the present, both physical and moral. That balance imposed by the scenario contributed To reality, and the ease of communication with “Linzi” throughout that journey, waiting for whether it will lead at the end to an inevitable change or will it remain as it is, groaning internally and showing the apparent distress on its face, which affects its mental health.

Perhaps the movie could have given us a glimpse into Lindsay’s past and the relapse she suffered and its impact on her at the beginning, but the filmmakers preferred to play on the result rather than the reason as a realistic embodiment of what someone might be exposed to in such circumstances that Lindsay lived through. And this is not a problem at all that prevents enjoying the movie and all its details.

One of the bright signs of the film is certainly the acting performances of “Jennifer Lawrence” and “Brian Tyree Henry”, “Lawrence”, who was able, with her unique talent, to improvise the suffering of the character through precise expressions and complete calmness that turns into a resounding psychological explosion at certain moments through which she succeeds. In winning the viewer’s sympathy at one time and marveling at the resistance to change at another time, Oscar’s performance with distinction will certainly add to the balance of “Lawrence” full of distinctive dramatic performances.

On the other hand, the talented Brian Tyree Henry succeeded in embodying the reaction to Lindsey’s actions, as well as exploiting the space that was given to him within the events to express himself and the past that was affected by him with an ideal performance that contributes to the great impact of the dramatic aspects that make up The main element of the story.

Conclusion of Causeway Movie Review:

In conclusion, the appreciation of the Oscar movie Causeway may be limited to acting nominations only, but it is enough that this work will achieve its goal with distinction, which is to reveal a truth that many people are exposed to on the psychological and moral side, and that realism is what will make the movie a work worth watching that cannot be Completely missed it.

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