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  • crimes of the future Release Date: May 23, 2022
  • Audience review: 50%
  • Critic’s average rating: 80+, IMDB rating 5.9
  • Canada, France, Greece based Movie.
  • Genres: Science, Fiction horror and Drama

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For those who do not know the director of the Canadian film Crimes of the Future, David Cronenberg, he is considered one of the famous filmmakers of “body horror” films, which is a branch of horror derivatives that depict frightening and psychologically disturbing changes to the human body, and its transformation into a distorted and unnatural entity. He has an instinct different from the healthy human soul. Cronenberg became famous since the mid-seventies, starting with the movie “Shivers” in 1975, then he added to it the physical horror cinema famous works such as “Videodrome” in 1983, “The Fly” in 1986, and “The Naked.” Lunch” in 1991.

"Crimes of the Future" is a very complex and detailed movie that looks at the future in a very unique way.

Not only did Cronenberg document his artistic career as being limited to physical horror, but he succeeded in deviating from it for a moment and presented high-level cinematic creations such as “Eastern Promises” in 2007 and “History of Violence” in 2005, which won critical and public praise to degrees much more than All the physical horror films that he presented, and it was a path that divided many critics and viewers, with a large difference in opinions about the quality of those works and the ideas presented in them.

Therefore, it was expected that “Cronenberg” would record his return to the cinema after an absence of seven years since his last work, “Maps to the Stars”, produced in 2014, with a new and different work that would give “Cronenberg” a great impetus at the level of nominations for major awards similar to “Cannes” and entering the circle The Oscar-nominated filmmakers demonstrate that he can create different cinematic works far from the atmosphere of terror, excitement and suspense, but in the end, Cronenberg preferred to return to his origins and beginning that everyone knew him, and presents one of the weakest works of the year 2022 from a personal point of view. Crimes of the future is a dystopian film that was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, through which Cronenberg casts a cinematic look at the future and its developments, but in a very complex narrative and narrative way.

The story of the movie Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future takes place in the distant future, where the body undergoes new transformations and mutations in light of the great development that the world is witnessing at the time. To shed light on what will come during the next and new stage of human evolution.

Crimes of the Future movie review

The problems with the scenario of Crimes of the Future lie first in the story itself, which, by going through all its events, we find that David Cronenberg is merely reviewing his knowledge or predictions about the future, so to speak, without there being an appropriate dramatic structure on which the story is based smoothly, ensuring that the viewer communicates with him and understands the data of matters. Strange events happen in succession with all their dialogue and incomprehensible complexities.

You can imagine, dear reader, that the film does not carry any outlet that the smartest viewer in the world can hold the tip of its thread to go along with the events through which “Cronenberg” adds additional dimensions in every opportunity, every scene, and every main and subsidiary moment. You will be in front of visual formations that will not It presents an analog because it is a special imprint of “Cronenberg”, through which it reflects its sanctity to the body and it could be the gateway to a mature horror cinema that is more stimulating for fear, panic, dubious impressions and scorn on the viewers’ faces, but it is not completely sufficient for making a dystopian work that is supposed to review the dark side For the world to be exposed to such truly strange physical phenomena.

The strange thing is that the work is classified as physical horror, but it does not carry within its events any definitive evidence that it deserves this classification. The first five minutes of it, but is an incorrect propaganda exaggeration, because the film does not raise any kind of horror, and it will keep everyone until the end completely relaxed except for one or two moments, and they will finish watching without realizing what Cronenberg has presented in its entirety.

The only two advantages in Crimes of the Future are the visual effects and the perfect use of graphics to create a clear picture of the biological change that the film deals with, with a great focus on the character of “Sol Tencer”, and the distinguished acting performances provided by the duo “Viggo Mortensen” who is always in cooperation with “David”.Cronenberg” and “Leo Sedio” in the role of “Caprice”, Tencer’s partner in promoting his body parts.

Conclusion for the Crimes of the Future Reviews

In conclusion, Crimes of The Future was seen as the project that will spark controversy and the biggest uproar in the 2022 film season, but its exaggerated promotion and the negatives of its semiotic script make it difficult to accept the film as the perfect return to “David Cronenberg” as well as the addition The awe-inspiring dark and futuristic dystopian horror movies.

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