Crisis Core review: Final Fantasy VII Reunion | An immersive story and a beautiful world!

crisis core review

Crisis core final fantasy vii review aka Crisis Core Review (Released in Dec, 2022, Remake on 25th Anniversary)

  • Platforms: PS4 enhanced and PS5
  • Genre: crisis core final fantasy vii is an Action and Role playing Video Game
  • Only Single Player
  • Game Size for Crisis Core Reunion : 16.1 GB
  • Price: Approx 50 and 70 USD

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crisis core final fantasy vii review by Review Jivi
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Final Fantasy game is known for its deep world and famous characters in the gaming world. Cloud is a symbolic character that left its mark not only in the game world but also in other games such as Super Smash and others. Set before the events of Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion builds the foundations of a world filled with action and mystery, and puts an end to the history of this world. Released on PSP in 2007, Square Enix offers an awesome and fun experience for fans of the series with Crisis Core Reunion that keeps the storyline and overall gameplay with huge visual improvements (most of the time) and develops/updates some gameplay mechanics to suit the new generation. of players.

This review touches on our opinion about the game in general without spoiling the main events or the characters’ relationships with each other. Without further ado, let’s get to the heart of the matter!

Story and Narration for crisis core reunion

Perhaps the story of the Final Fantasy world is one of the most beautiful and wonderful stories in the world of games. It is a deep story full of feelings, characters full of life, and expressive dramatic events. As mentioned earlier, Crisis Core takes place before Final Fantasy VII, centering around Zac Fair; He is a passionate young man who loves life and aims to be a hero. Zack works as a soldier for the SOLDIER Corporation, which provides a private army for the Shinra Electric Power Company. This company is headquartered in Midgar and provides energy through generating stations scattered around it. The story begins when Zack has to investigate the disappearance of a large number of SOLDIER members with the help of two veteran soldiers, Angel and Sephiroth.

crisis core final fantasy vii review

The game’s story can seem complicated, and sometimes it does feel like it. But the game’s events, side missions, and Zack’s interaction with the world make clear all the aspects that you might not understand at first glance. If you begin your experience with the world of Final Fantasy with Final Fantasy VII Remake, you’ll be able to put together many aspects of the story, and feel close to the characters you get to know throughout the story.

As in many RPGs, the side quests build the world better, highlighting some characters’ relationships and their importance to Zack, as well as some fun and funny side stories that make you forget about the weight of the main story. During the game, you’ll also learn about the origin of the iconic Buster Sword, meet some of the most beloved characters in the Final Fantasy universe, and visit well-known areas featured in Final Fantasy VII.

crisis core review for crisis core reunion Fantasy 7 on 25th Anniversary
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In terms of storytelling, it is something that we expect many players to disagree with. Japanese game lovers will enjoy this aspect, as it is similar to many games of this style, where the events start relatively slowly with many dialogues and banter that may be annoying at times, but this is part of the experience of the series games and their fans will enjoy it. In terms of the acceleration of events, you will immediately notice that the game was designed keeping in mind that it is a game for a mobile platform, that is, you can play it in intermittent and short periods. Many of the side missions can be completed in a minute or less. We won’t be able to talk about the story more than that to avoid spoiling it, but we can say that it will appeal to fans of the series.

crisis core reunion review of graphics and art style

The world of Final Fantasy is beautiful and full of life and color, and the Reunion version of Crisis Core offers you a significantly improved visual experience over the PSP version, as all the main characters and most of the environments and items in the game have been redesigned. You will notice a clear difference between the quality of the graphics during the game and in the cinematic clips. For some reason, the quality of the graphics during the game is better and more accurate, and it provides more details for the characters. Apparently, the company did not reproduce the cinematic clips.

As for expressions and movements, some of them have not changed (such as the movement of some characters in the background), or some strikes from enemies, while others have changed to become smoother. We found this point somewhat confusing during our experience of the game, but it was more humorous than annoying, despite the strangeness of the scene. At times, the game feels completely redesigned and like a new game, and at other moments you can hardly look away from some seemingly odd details.

Final Fantasy is known for its sound aesthetic, be it the music or the sound effects. And the Reunion version offers you a great audio experience that is improved over its predecessor.

Playing Style for crisis core reunion

The gameplay in this part is very similar to Final Fantasy VII Remake, and it is almost the same as the original version of this part, with some minor differences. This part only controls Zack, and you can’t switch between characters like Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Perhaps the biggest difference between Final Fantasy VII Remake and Crisis Core is the DMW system. It is a system that provides randomness and individuality for each fight, as it is represented by pictures and numbers that appear on the screen, and if the pictures are similar, you can launch special abilities (related to the character that appears), but if certain numbers appear – or a certain sequence of numbers – this provides support for capabilities current, or an increase to the player’s level, item level, or ability level. For example, if the number 7 7 7 appears, Zack’s level increases by one level.

This system represents Zak’s relationship with the characters he meets during the events of the story, and the system is affected according to his relationship with them. The better Zack’s relationship with a character, the higher the chance that their image will appear and thus the likelihood of benefiting from their special abilities.

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