Elden Ring Game Review: A Comprehensive Review

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Elden Ring Game Review:

  • Platforms: PS-5, PS-4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, Windows
  • Genre: Action role-playing
  • Both Single and Multiple Players(Network)
  • Official Website: Eldenring.jp
  • Developer Website: www.fromsoftware.jp

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Since I first played the Armored Core games on the original PlayStation, “From Software” has been one of my favorite video game companies. The Elden Ring game was all about robots. The story was always in the background, and the gameplay and how the game worked were always put first.

1. Discover the Dark World of Elden Ring
2. Learn the Secrets of the Elden Ring Game
3. Battle the Evils of the elden ring game play
4. Comprehensive Review the Gameplay of Elden Ring

A long way from the video games of today. You had to learn how the game worked and why each number was important. Long story short, you can find the roots of modern From Soft games in my childhood, which is exactly why I think Elden Ring is the best game ever made.

The game has been available for about 20 days, and most social media sites are full of conversations about the Elden Ring. Soft has made a mysterious, dangerous, and brutal world, but most of all, fun to mess around.

The first Soulsborne game for babies was Elden Ring.

First of all, not everyone can use Elden Ring. Elden Ring is not for people who like walking simulators or Sony’s cinematic games. Instead, you have to figure out how it works by making mistakes. A lot of making mistakes! There are no quest indicators, cutscenes that explain things, or other things. It’s not a modern AAA game, which is cool.

The software has made a game that brings together everything that has come before it. Elden Ring appears to take everything that From Soft has made, from the atmosphere of Dark Souls to the increasingly aggressive gameplay of Bloodborne, and makes a game that is unique, hard, and most of all, not the trash that you hear from Western developers.

Elden Ring’s Game play and Graphics

Elden Ring will feel like home if you’ve played Dark Souls or any of its sequels. Only a button to jump has been added to the controls, so you shouldn’t have any trouble there. If you think you’re Billy Badass and don’t need the tutorial, you’ll have a lot of trouble in the future.

After you finish the tutorial, you’ll be in a place called Limgrave, a starting area. Here, you can try out different ways to build and fight. Just stay away from the big Tree Sentinel unless you like pain.

Limgrave is a big place with many catacombs, castles, and swamps that show new players what’s to come. The worlds look beautiful, detailed, and sometimes just downright scary. You have a horse named Torrent that will help you get around this big, dangerous world.

Elden Ring Game: Story

Elden Ring has the most straightforward storyline of all the SoulsBorne games. As a tarnished, you are thrown into a broken world where you must fight many demigods and monsters to become the Elden Lord. Different NPCs tell the story, and they never explain anything.

Elden Ring ensures you never forget how small you are in this world. You should read all the product details and pay close attention to the stories the environment tells. You might miss out on many cool and interesting extra stuff if you rush through the game. Elden Ring is about the journey, not about where you end up.

How to Play and Fight in Elden Ring Game Play

Combat has been given a fresh look, and there are so many ways to go into battle that it’s crazy. Want to play as just a barbarian who kills everything in his or her path? Put your strength into your runes. If you like casting spells, you can also play that way. Combat is so flexible and gives you so many choices that every player will use different tools and tactics to deal with different situations.

Some spells ruin the game completely, but you’ll have to find them on your own. I played as a simple barbarian and put all my runes into strength and stamina. I used the Bloodblade, Ghiza’s Wheel, and a good shield as my main weapons and defense. You can go all out and have a weapon in each hand if you want to.

It’s a very shot-in-the-dark approach, but it does have some value. You can even call on the spirits of dead enemies to help you in battle. I can’t tell you how several times I barely won a tough boss fight because the boss was distracted by my summoned spirits, which gave me time to land a few critical hits.

In the end, the game gives you a lot of different ways to complete your mission, which makes it a lot of fun. If you’re still having trouble with these choices, you should stick to games like Horizon: Forbidden West and The Last of Us. You were not made for Elden Ring.

The open world is huge and has a crazy number of things to do. Again, this isn’t a normal AAA game where the map is full of markers and other things. You slowly open the map by finding pieces of it, and From Soft’s plan for how to do this is very clever. Even if you’ve finished three or four areas, you still have no idea how big the game world is.

It’s a smart and fun way to keep players interested in exploring. I haven’t entered the PvP world yet, so I can’t say anything about it. But since Breath of the Wild, I haven’t played a single-player game that caught my attention. Strangely, both games were made by studios in Japan. Catering to your audience seems like an interesting idea.

Conclusion for the Elden ring game review

I can’t say enough good things about Elden Ring. The game is a true masterpiece and should be played by anyone who likes a challenge. It’s not a walking simulator that only Sony users can play.

What would you do if you must choose between Elden Ring and Horizon: Forbidden West? If that’s the case, I’d suggest you spend your cash on a fan-made game instead of a generic progressive darling with an agenda that’s barely a game and is more of a boring tech demo.

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