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Enola Holmes 2 Movie Review

  • Release Date: November 04, 2022
  • Audience: 3
  • Critic’s average rating: 3
  • UK based Movie.
  • Genres: Mystery and Crime

Enola Holmes 2 release date Netflix – It is already released

After the announcement of the first Enola Holmes movie, many were eagerly awaiting the work to watch the adventures of the younger sister of the detective Sherlock Holmes, especially since the character of Enola has a series of novels, but with the presentation of the first part, opinions differed about the quality of the work, especially since it did not achieve the expected success of it, and therefore the decision Making Enola Holmes 2 was a bold decision and needed a special study to avoid the mistakes of the first part and provide satisfactory work to the masses.

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The story of the Enola Holmes 2:

The events begin when Enola Holmes decides to open her own investigation office, and she receives her first case by searching for a girl named Sarah Chapman, but the case is more complex than she imagined and is linked to acts of corruption so the case becomes intertwined with a case that her brother Sherlock Holmes is handling, and Enola tries to prove her abilities to solve the case but becomes She has another problem when she becomes chased by the police because of a murder, so she has to prove her innocence and succeed in solving the mystery of the disappeared girl.

Screenplay and Dialogue in Enola Holmes Season 2:

Jack Thorne took over the responsibility of writing the film like the first part, but in this part, he contributed to the writing with him, the director of the work, Harry Bradbeer, which made the script similar to the first part in many matters, especially the comedic aspect.

The film benefited from the mistakes of the first part, as it did not diverge into many issues or improperly involve the issue of feminism in the work, and despite its presence in the second part, its employment this time came in a logical, sound, and non-intrusive manner.

The first half of the film was full of comedy, light chases, and attempts to outline the case that Enola handles and the evidence that falls in her hand, which made the first half somewhat quiet, but the comedy of breaking the fourth wall was well employed through it to save it from any boredom.

The second half of the movie was more crowded with events, and the comedy gradually disappeared except for a few moments, and it was a good decision, especially since the events flared up and it was not natural for the comedy to be present, and the movie maintained during its second half an escalating rhythm of events.

The writing also succeeded in dealing with the case of Enola Holmes wonderfully, so it began normally and its complications escalated with time its connection with the case of Sherlock Holmes came well, as well as the facts of the Enola case were revealed gradually so that the viewer interacted with the events. Gradually, so that things will be revealed gradually, so that the scenario keeps the viewer in contact with him until the end, as well as giving the viewer an opportunity to think about solving the issue as part of it.

It is worth praising the level of writing, which was good and managed to give Sherlock Holmes more space to appear and influence events, and it was not an honorary appearance like the first part.

Acting performance in Enola Holmes 2:

Millie Bob Brown continued her distinguished performance of the character of Enola Holmes, so she was able to present a distinguished comic and dramatic performance, to be able to catch the eye with a very good performance.

The presence of Henry Cavill in the role of Sherlock Holmes was overwhelming and he was able to perform the character in his own way without being compared to those who played the character of Sherlock in other works, which is highly credited to him.

And David Thewlis was able to shine in presenting the role of the corrupt officer, and he was able to make his performance very tense and reflect that through his emotions.

Direction in Movie Enola Holmes 2:

Directed by Harry Bradbeer was one of the strengths of the factors, so he tried to present good ideas in the chases, although they were few, their presentation was good, especially the well-executed horse chase.

The scenes of solving a particular puzzle came out well and progressively, giving the viewer an opportunity to focus on solving the puzzle and participate in it without being abrupt, with which the viewer loses his focus.

Likewise, the last fight scene was distinguished in moving between more than one side, and the directing in general managed to excel and produce a good and distinctive picture

Final evaluation of Enola Holmes 2 Movie review:

Enola Holmes 2 is an interesting and interesting movie that carries comedy and suspense during its events. It was able to outperform the first part and make a distinguished work that is able to complete a long series of distinguished works, and it deserves a 7/10 rating.

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