Fresh movie review – When your desires lead you to destruction

Fresh movie review - When your desires lead you to destruction

Fresh Movie(2022 Film) – Directed by Mimi Cave

  • Fresh Movie Release Date: March 22, 2022
  • Audience review: 70%
  • Critic’s average rating: 80+, IMDB rating 6.7
  • USA based Movie.
  • Genres: Comedy horror and Thriller

Watch Fresh Movie 2022 on Disney Hotstar Fresh Movie was released on Hulu First in January 2022.

The plot of Fresh movie 2022 is based on a realistic fact, far from being classified as suspense and suspense. There are some people at the level of relationships who do not give themselves the full opportunity to know others properly so that they can trust them and make other decisions later based on the full perception and understanding of a person. His temperament, temperament, and so on, of course, are controlled by many instincts such as love, lust, killing boredom, loneliness, and others, which are the necessary justifications for imposing this comfort in dealings, and from the first moment or the first meeting, so to speak, absolutely from a psychological point of view.

Fresh movie review - When your desires lead you to destruction - Fresh Movie Review 2022
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Of course, the makers of Fresh Movie 2022 do not directly present this philosophy. Rather, it is wrapped in horror and excitement methods that present horrific images of the negative outcomes that our desires can lead to, including destruction, the danger that attacks its evils without mercy, and death as well if the tragedy is actually great, despite this. From the harshness of its two narrative components, it is a good revival of horror and suspense films that have been improving recently at the hands of many promising filmmakers, and it is possible to confirm once again that it is possible to mix an idea with tools that cause anxiety and fear on the faces of the recipients at the same time because to be There is only a preponderance of one element over the other.

Fresh movie Storyline

Fresh revolves around “Noa”, a young girl who falls in love with a young man named “Steve” after many unsuccessful relationships, but that love and containment quickly turn into destruction and the possibility of death in a disgraceful and bloody way.

Fresh movie review

The narrative construction of the story of Fresh was appropriate to the nature of what is intended to be presented, and it also gradually paves the way for the great transformation of events and the revealing of the truth that changes everything and ignites the atmosphere of the film with the required excitement and suspense. For something to happen, that shatters those expectations in a resounding, shocking, and violent way at the same time.

I have to mention the violence here, as we are facing the second most experience that can only be classified as disgusting in form and content after the movie “Slither” directed by “James Jean”. Presenting it with this sharp tone that reflects the brutality of human beings and their cruel tendencies, and this may make the film in an intermediate state at the level of the audience’s reception of it and also in terms of its quality, and from a personal point of view it is not a good or bad work, but rather it is centered between them by evaluating its own cinematic elements.

The other positive point in the film’s favor is the ending sequence. There is a noticeable but good repetition of the same method that was prepared for the big explosion in the course of the events in the first chapter of the story. For the killing and bloodshed of human victims, the summary of the above is that the Fresh movie is a cinematic synthesis that largely renews the quality of thriller and suspense films through a specific story and philosophy presented alongside the elements of horror and excitement that have not been presented in this way for a long time.

At the level of acting performances, the star “Sebastian Stan” succeeded in enhancing his great talent and importance as a promising and important actor in “Hollywood” currently with a strong and violent embodiment of the “Steve” character, and he was able to reflect the psychology of the sick personality who is completely obsessed with what she does correctly, most notably what he presented with cold and provocative emotions. In many moments of the film, it turns into a burning and violent anger with the twists of the plot in its final chapters, met on the other side by the young star “Daisy Edgar Jones”, who performed appropriate to the nature of her character, who was going through many stages throughout the events, so she was able to highlight the features of desire and love that She turned into fear and a desire to survive, then into arming herself with violence in order to escape from that hell in which she found herself against her will.

Conclusion for the Fresh Movie Review 2022

In conclusion, if you, dear reader, want to suggest this work to your friends or one of your acquaintances who love cinema of all kinds, then he must be warned of what he is about to do, because the ideas he presented and how they were presented may cause him to detest habits that cannot be For humanity to survive forever.

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