Pinocchio movie review – a fun adventure for a family night out

Pinocchio movie review 2022 – Netflix production

  • Pinocchio Release Date: November 24, 2022
  • Audience: 70
  • Critic’s average rating: 90+, (Pinocchio rotten Tomatoes)
  • USA and Mexico based Movie.
  • Genres: Musical Fantasy Film

Watch new Pinocchio Netflix)

In a new adventure and a different journey, the company “Disney” presented the live version of the expected movie “Pinocchio”, which was starring the creative star “Tom Hanks” in the role of “Uncle Geppetto” the wood carver, and the child “Benjamin Evans” in the role of “Pinocchio” and the actor “Joseph Gordon-Levitt”. in the role of “Jemini”

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Pinocchio movie 2022 story

The new Pinocchio movie 2022 Pinocchio takes place after a wood carver’s wish that his son would return, and his wish is fulfilled on a quiet night, and the spirit comes into a wooden puppet that he made so that adventures and events begin and delve into the problems that meet “Pinocchio” in his journey from transforming a wooden puppet into a complete human being.

New Pinocchio movie review:

When the first advertisement for the movie began showing, it received some criticism due to the complete change in one of the main characters, which made some people revolt against the change in the form of the fairy from the original version. the adventures of pinocchio

But when I watched the movie, I did not feel any disturbance about the change of the important character, but what is causing concern now is the change in the important characters in the upcoming films in a clear and frank way! This will make “Disney” fans from young annoyance and not see what they were used to before.

The events of the movie started quickly and there was no lengthening of the events or a radical change in the story, and it was completely similar to the events of the cartoon movie.

I will not deny that the reason I watched the movie was the eagerness to see the creator “Tom Hanks” in this role, but I was somewhat disappointed when I discovered that all his scenes are not long or have a noticeable presence in the movie except at the end of the movie.

The film also enjoyed a pleasant lyrical atmosphere that brings back childhood memories with some updates and changes in the course of events.

The film also enjoyed some beautiful and interesting shots, which made sure to show some fine details, such as the appearance of “Disney” characters such as (Duck, Woody, Maleficent, and Snow White) deliberately ticking the wall clocks of Uncle “Geppetto”.

The film was also met with harmonious colors, which were appropriate in each scene to express feelings and communicate them to the viewer with ease.

Such as the use of yellow at the beginning of the film to suggest the warm and familial atmosphere between “Pinocchio” and Uncle “Geppetto”, then going the green and blue color in the second half, which indicated the happiness of “Pinocchio” that he would be able to go to school and make his father proud of him. Therefore, the company took good care of the colors in the film to convey all the emotions of the characters to the viewer.

FAQs for guillermo del toros Pinocchio movie Review

What is the message of the movie Pinocchio?

The implications of making a bad choice when you know better can be severe. On the other hand, good things often result from being brave, honest and selfless.

Is Pinocchio the darkest Disney movie?

As usual, “Disney” films were not devoid of showing some important values, which were discussed through the journey of “Pinocchio” and his knowledge of the importance of honesty, not paying attention to temptations, keenness on sacrifice, and doing the impossible to reach and achieve dreams.

In my opinion, the movie Pinocchio did not have many flaws, but rather it was fun for a family evening and reminiscing and remembering the story of “Pinocchio”, the child whose nose grows when he lies.

Many people is asking why is the new pinocchio movie so bad or why is the Pinocchio movie review bad ? Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is a beautifully crafted film; however, it falls short in its intertwining of traditional Catholicism, Fascism, and dysfunctional families with gooey sentimentality. I was incredibly disappointed with this film, as it failed to meet the inventive and unique standards that I had expected. It was difficult to get through the entire film due to its slow pace, morbid tone, and off-putting plot.

Is Pinocchio OK for kids to watch or pinocchio (2022 animated film)?

Pinocchio is a famous character among children and movie for all age. we generally avoid to watch movies with the kids specially in theatre during covid periods and child is not completely vaccinated. Talking about the Pinocchio movie, it has a number of positive values that you could reinforce with your children, including honesty, courage, selflessness and friendship. It also emphasizes the importance of being guided by your conscience. However, it also contains some dark, disturbing, sad, scary, violent and mature themes and scenes which make it unsuitable for children under five years old. We recommend parental guidance for children under nine years old. This movie could also give you the chance to talk with your children about the real-life consequences of things like giving in to temptation and doing the wrong thing despite knowing better, lying, and being arrogant.

How the Cast Perform in Pinocchio Netflix Movie

According to the pinocchio 2022 christian review – Waltz’s delivery is excellent and he really captures the character of the once-great ringmaster. Mann’s voice acting is full of joy and innocence, which is perfect for Pinocchio and Carlo. McGregor is a great narrator and brings some much-needed humor to the story. However, the stand-out performance in the film is David Bradley as Geppetto. Every emotion is felt in his performance, which really brings the character to life. The filmmakers have done an excellent job of exploring all facets of Geppetto’s character, and Bradley’s performance is a big part of that.

Is Pinocchio movie based on a true story?

Pinocchio is a famous character who has been adapted into many different forms of media. He is the protagonist of Carlo Collodi’s children’s novel The Adventures of Pinocchio. Pinocchio is known for being a cultural icon and one of the most reimagined characters in children’s literature. He is derived from the Italian Tuscan dialect in Collodi’s book. The name Pinocchio is possibly derived from the rare Tuscan form pinocchio (“pine nut”) or constructed from pino (“pine tree, pine wood”) and occhio (“eye”).

Conclusion for Pinocchio review guillermo del toros?

In the end, new Pinocchio movie does not expect much from it and is not at the level of previous Disney films that turned into a live-action versions such as Aladdin and Beauty And The Beast, but it is a fun movie for a family evening and is suitable for all ages. Our above reviews for the Pinocchio movie is based on the movie released on netflix on 2022 directed by Robert Zemeckis.

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