M3GAN Movie Review – story of Humanoid with emotions like a Human being

M3GAN movie Review

M3Gan Movie Review (2022-2023 Film) – Directed by Gerard Johnstone

  • Movie M3Gan Release Date: December 7, 2022
  • M3GAN Movie Runtime: 102 Minutes
  • Audience review: 70%
  • Critic’s average rating: 95 on Tomatometer for M3GAN reviews
  • USA based Movie.
  • Genres: SCI-FI Thriller.
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Movie M3GAN is a new film of science fiction around a humanlike artificial intelligence robot created at a ‘Funki’ corporation.  This humanoid has emotions like a Human being.

M3GAN Storyline?

 Cady seeks solace in her aunt Gemma following a traumatic accident. Her engineer Aunt Gemma is hard at work on Model 3 Generative Android, an artificial intelligence-powered robotic doll designed to be both a partner and custodian for the youngster assigned to it. Cady, a young girl, and her companionship only with an AI robot are the themes of the film M3GAN.

Investor of the company Funki’s was convinced with it and they want to launch a global campaign in advance. The humanoid robot with artificial intelligence was created to help with caretaking duties and to be a faithful companion to the kid to whom it has been allotted.

Gemma, Tess, and Cole try to deactivate the Robot due to its instability and series of unpredictable manners in labs. Cole tries to deactivate M3GAN,it catches and the Robot hangs him from a chain, while he chokes and his eyes roll up behind his heads. He makes it out alive, but a nearby gas tank then explodes.

Important Cast in the movie M3GAN

Allison Williams as GemmaAmie Donald as M3GAN
Ronny Chieng as DavidBrian Jordan Alvarez as Cole
Jen Van Epps as TessMillen Baird as Detective
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M3GAN Movie Review

M3GAN is a mixed bag and reviews are average due to its story mainly. The story is very predictable and pretty clear where it is going. The movie is mostly liked for its tone, effect, Fun, comedy, and laughter. The acting and performance of the cast are also average. The first half of the movie is much better and keeps you engaged. 

M3GAN movie is an ideal concoction of a well-paced story with Fun. The movie has good entertaining instants more than we anticipated.

The movie M3GAN deems to be another version of the 2019 Childs Play with recycled concepts; a fun, doesn’t-take-itself too-seriously movie. However, there we have a different flavor of horror and comedy genre with its planned and involuntary comedy. I seriously don’t like the last 15 mins of the movie, it is the most difficult. 

Review on Director and Story of M3GAN

Director Gerard Johnstone delivers a supremely fun horror by going straight into the kitsch sensitivities of a deadly doll idea. The Story is very predictable specially in 2nd half which is not expected in Horror film. Also Movie contains Blood, violence strong language and that is the reason it is rated as PG-13. Brutality, including the use of bladed weapons like scissors and other makeshift weapons and Blood after an assault is shown.

The Acting performance of Amie Donald as M3GAN is awsome, it was never felt like sound is given by 3rd person and acting as another.

Conclusion for M3GAN Reviews

Though, M3GAN is a heartwarming story about friendship and the power of Robots and artificial intelligence, and the dangers of new technology. M3gan is a funny horror-lite comedy that is witty and clever but not really frightful. We have much better other films of the same genre and similar kinds of stories. If you already watch ‘2019 Childs Play’ or Terminator or Chucky, M3GAN will not be very much entertaining for you. It is a much watch if movie story not the priority for you.

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