M3Gan Movie Review (2022-2023 Film) – Directed by Gerard Johnstone Movie M3GAN is a new film of science fiction around a humanlike artificial intelligence robot created at a ‘Funki’ corporation.  This humanoid has emotions like a Human being. M3GAN Storyline?  Cady seeks solace in her aunt Gemma following a traumatic accident. Her engineer Aunt Gemma is hard at […]

crimes of the future review 2022 – joint production of Canadian, French, British and Greek movie production firms Watch movie crimes of the future on Amazon Prime and read Crimes of the future review here. For those who do not know the director of the Canadian film Crimes of the Future, David Cronenberg, he is considered […]

Pinocchio movie review 2022 – Netflix production Watch new Pinocchio Netflix) In a new adventure and a different journey, the company “Disney” presented the live version of the expected movie “Pinocchio”, which was starring the creative star “Tom Hanks” in the role of “Uncle Geppetto” the wood carver, and the child “Benjamin Evans” in the […]

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