Review of Brahmastra Part One: Shiva (2022)

Review of Brahmastra Part One, movie Brahmastra

Brahmastra Part One: Shiva – Release Date – 9th September, 2022

  • IMDB reviews – 2.8 out of 5
  • Times of India – 3.5
  • Audience – 3.5
  • Critics Average Rating: 3.3

StoryLine of movie Brahmastra:

Brahmastra was a spiritual weapon that the Brahmansh society in ancient India took good care of, but as time went on and things changed, people began to neglect it. Shiva, a DJ in the present with an odd affinity for the fire that never hurts him, meets Isha, and the two fall in love. The evil queen Junoon can possess the Brahmansh scientist Mohan Bhargav, who lives in Delhi and has a fragment of Brahmastra. He is assaulted by the evil forces Zor and Raftaar but is ultimately victorious thanks to the strength of Vanarastra. However, Bhargav, who guards it, sacrifices his life, and Shiva sees it in his hallucinations after he comes into contact with fire and envisioned that the next target could be an artist Anish Shetty. Anish tells Shiva and Isha what happened in Varanasi, but when Junoon arrives to kill him, Anish uses the power of Nandiastra to escape with Shiva and Isha, and he begs them to take him to Guruji’s Ashram in Himachal. Since Junoon, who is unaware of Guruji’s Ashram, is following them, Anish requests Isha to deliver his piece of the Brahmastra securely to Guruji while he discovers who is Shiva along the route. Anish loses his life during the battle with Junoon and her troops, while Shiva and Isha eventually make it to Guruji’s Ashram, where Guruji reveals the identity of Shiva and his connection to fire. Guruji explains that the universe will be destroyed if Junoon assembles the three pieces of Brahmastra, one of which is missing.

Positive Feedback for movie Brahmastra:

This movie by Ayan Mukharji is quite distinctive. Ayan made a really mature movie that, in many ways, feels quite personal. The use of Star Studios and Dharma Production trademarks is minimal, and Brahamastra features all forms of violence, action, non-linear plot, romance, and dialogue. All of these brahmastra are there in the movie, but they are presented in a much more limited manner. In contrast to his earlier films, Ayan Mukharji is not attempting to be extravagant here. He binds this movie to these engaging characters whose actions drive the story rather than opting for a plot-heavy one.

The film marries informality with poetry, modernity with mythology, reality with the fantastical, and a clash of ideological paradigms with a spectacle of exhilarating action. The story is recounted from the perspectives of a character who may be compared to a playful Hindu Spider-Man dancing with fire and a worried Bat masculine soul who is traumatised by fire in a way that fits the plot. This union of Eastern and Western culture is the cherry on top.

VFX is very Good. People can enjoy the Light show in the movie. If you want to experience good VFX and Light show, the movie is must watch in 3D theatres for best experience.

In order to simultaneously create grit and love in the main character, spiritual instructors for the major characters must combine harsh love and compassion. The interactions, especially the touching of the feet, added a beautiful dramatic touch and an important component to support the Hindu relevance of the narrative. It has also been perfectly illustrated how the lower self functions as a saviour, soul rebel, and “light fighter” while the higher self serves as the ultimate embodiment of virtue and goodness.

The innocence of the main, uplifting characters and the simplicity of the romantic plot brought back memories of simpler times when romance was defined by captivating eyes, wonderfully pulsing energies, and caring but passionate moments. The bad characters’ savagery and brutality had an equal impact, which also produced the ideal polarity with the innocent and courageous heroic characters.

The stories that I long to read are those in which actions of selfless love are valued equally with heavenly love and in which the bright lights that break through the thick clouds of darkness are acts of selfless love.

Negative review of Brahmastra Part one:

  1. The movie is quite boring in 1st half except 1st 20 mins.
  2. Dialogues are not expected to the audience. 
  3. Bollywood is not understanding and audience feels that it is difficult for big Bollywood producers to comprehend that big popular stars, music, images, and advertising don’t make a movie, but rather a fantastic narrative and, more significantly, incredible storytelling ability!
  4. Ranvir Kapoor, who usually plays nice characters in movies like Barfi and other love stories, plays a Negative character in this movie. He does not appear to be violent in any manner. There’s nothing but lightning in the sky, the actor is simply standing there yelling, and fire balls burst out of his hands, and none of it appears organic or genuine in any way.
  5. Other than VFX, there is no storyline, no engaging screenplay, horrible BGM, and cringy dialogs.
Author: Ranta


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