Foosball, Mini Football, Soccer Table STEM Educational Fun Toys

Soccer Table STEM Educational Fun Toys, Mini Football, Reviews of Foosball STEAM Educational Fun Toys

Smartivity DIY Foosball, Mini Football, Soccer Table STEM Educational Fun Toys for age 6 to 14, Best Gift Toy for Boys & Girls age 6-8-10-12, Science Toy, Educational & Construction based Activity Game, Made in India, By IIT Delhi Alumni

Product Details:

Best gift for girls and boys ages 6 to 14- 61 pieces to build, play and learn

●    Building time: 80 minutes

●     STEM concepts: momentum, laws of motion, and reactions.

●     No screen Have Fun: Longer constructive activities, multiple gameplays, core-STEAM learning, and better engagement hours per Rs than other DIY toys

●     Children learn best through play: Intelligence is in the Smartivity Foosball STEAM Educational Fun Toys, Based on play/toys with real moving parts and mechanics to help develop your child’s brain.

●    Trusted and loved by parents from 24-year-old countries (including the USA and Europe): Non-toxic and safe tested in international labs. exceeds international criteria for toy safety. It is Made in India. Designed by an IIT graduate working with children. Rated and approved by Smartivity STEMNinjas for construction, STEAM learning, and fun products.

● Science is simple to put together, create, play with, and learn. Based on the Smartivity Foosball STEAM Educational Fun Toys Concepts, make your DIY toys.

●     No glue or tools required – we use rubber bands for the connecting mechanism to design fun educational games for kids. Easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble with age-appropriate instructions and videos. A modular assembly structure that supports design at your own pace.

●    Safe toys that have received international certification for kids aged 6 to 15: Over 30 nations have confirmed the safety of our toys for boys and girls. Tested in worldwide laboratories are patented non-toxic toys. Children’s toys are tested by children and parents alike at multiple developmental levels, with countless tests simulating children’s usage scenarios to ensure long-lasting, multiple playtimes. No sharp edges or splinters.

●    Internationally renowned, award-winning toy brand that is made in India: 6 million parents and children in over 33 countries trust it (US, Europe, APAC, East, Etc).The perfect gift for boys and girls ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and up. It is a Made in India, global STEAM toys brand. Designed by IIT alumni working with children.

Soccer Table STEM Educational Fun Toys, Reviews of Foosball STEAM Educational Fun Toys, mini football

Key characteristics 

Best gift for kids, girls, and boys ages 6-14: Build, play, and learn with 61 pieces in 80 minutes of building time. 

●    Stem concepts: momentum, laws of motion, behavioral reactions.

●     Great value: Longer constructive activity, multiple gameplay, core steam learning = better hours of engagement per Rs than other DIY toys.

●    Sustainable and eco-friendly: quality pine wood imported. supplied by ethical, eco-certified vendors. Cleanliness will keep your child safe. No tools are required to assemble a clutter-free, clean, and clutter-free home. Elastic straps for easy disassembly and reassembly.

●    Children learn best through play: Smartivity allows you to build games/toys based on the concept of steam using real moving parts and mechanical actions.

●    Patent Design Made in India, Tough, Sturdy, and Durable: Extensively tested in simulated kid-use scenarios to ensure long-lasting multiple playtimes.

Product Info & Care

Want to play football whenever you want? At home? Even by hand? Now you can with Smartivity Foosball STEAM Educational Fun Toys! We’ve reimagined your favorite sports as DIY table games. With four players per team, this cool made in India game will keep you and your friends battling each other for a long time. A scoreboard with a slider helps you keep track of goals scored. If you are the top scorer, your name will appear on the leaderboard.

Choose your team color. Drop the ball in the middle of the field and let the game begin! Use a pole attached to the pole to control the player’s movement and shoot the ball toward the opponent’s goalpost. and protect your goals. Track your goals with the slider scoreboard. Customize your foosball game with stickers on the pitch. Your highest score will be displayed on the leaderboard… Strive for glory!

Soccer Table STEM Educational Fun Toys, Reviews of Foosball STEAM Educational Fun Toys, mini football

Reviews of Foosball STEAM Educational Fun Toys

This product increases the child’s concentration and it is less harmful than other Chinese toys.
● The Quality and durability of the pieces are very strong and nice.
● It helps to improve thinking.

Negative Reviews shared by Users:

  • little bit tough to assemble
  • requires too much time and energy to assemble and also it is not at all user friendly

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