The Fabelmans movie review – When cinema is love, life and the greatest passion

The Fabelmans Movie Review

  • Release Date: September 10, 2022 on Toronto International Film Festival
  • Audience: 75%
  • Critic’s average rating: 85 to 90%
  • USA based Movie.
  • Genres: Drama Film

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The story of the Steven Spielberg the fabelmans

Whoever is exposed to the path of the great director of The Fabelmans, Steven Spielberg, will find that he did not leave any kind of film except that he left his mark in it, with full awareness of the identity and features of the world in which he draws his artistic creativity, so the end result is amazing in all its cinematic elements and causes a high status. Spielberg” is in the artistic community as one of the pillars of “Hollywood”, and some do not know what the industry will become when this man stops making films.

“Spielberg”, who introduced himself to the cinematic audience as one of the creators of science fiction with the war of the worlds, creatures that come from space, strange phenomena, and predatory jaws, the historian who goes back in time and lists important facts that add to cinematic drama great artistic treasures, and the poet on the roads of “New York City” narrates. A love story that takes place amidst a struggle over the power and sovereignty of the street.

A great passion that did not come from a vacuum or from a mere study of cinema concepts so that it would be a profession of earning a livelihood and living only. There is certainly some motive in the life of “Spielberg” that made him in love with cinema. For the imagination and accurately drawing the place, and in the general atmosphere epic, romantic, dramatic, and everything that might come to the mind of the lover of the cinema of that iconic veteran.

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That is why the movie The Fabelmans comes as the first work of “Steven Spielberg”, through which he tells how it all began, and the temporal, spatial, and social stages that greatly affected his personality and his artistic outlook that was not a coincidence or mature after the passage of a lot of time and not from the first moment, a melodrama Full of ambition, striving, grief, passion, and realism that may touch the adolescents who are always thirsty to form their own personalities, as is the case with the hero who grew up and reached what he is thanks to that strong connection to cinema.

Story of The Fabelmans:

The events of “The Fabelmans” revolve around “Sam Febelman”, a young man who has been related to cinema and films since he was young. Through the events, we follow “Sam” as he tries to develop his artistic talent and the impact of his family and external life on his journey through which he seeks to make many of his own films.

The Fabelmans movie review:

The script for The Fabelmans movie deals with the story of “Sam Febelman” from his childhood through adolescence to the end determined the future fate of “Sam” after long walks of working as an amateur making films, and the middle stage in particular was given enough time from the time of the film, and this is really logical because it constitutes The basis of “Sam’s” motives in order to complete his dream and quest.

However, the film’s only negative is that it would have been better to devote more time to childhood, especially when Spielberg presented an even better opening scene with a “Close Up” clip that expresses the beginning of Sam’s attachment to cinema and the motion pictures he watches, because “Sam” Even when he was young, he was trying to do something that exceeded his age and capabilities with the presence of sufficient support represented by his family, but we find an uncomfortable transition to adolescence that suffices for a few minutes through which we learn how “Sam” continued when he was young in his hobby until he grew up and grew with his awareness of some basics To make films on his own.

On the contrary, the dramatic interventions of the supporting characters did not affect the main objective of the story, which is related to the affairs of the “Fablemens” family, such as the father’s relationship with the mother, and the appearance of the father’s friend in the picture.

With regard to his actions, his decisions, and his way toward his goal, it can simply be said that there is no decision that Spielberg made at the level of the scenario through which it might facilitate the feeling of subsidiary matters that the film does not need or that exceeds the estimated time of two and a half hours.

Directively, there was a noticeable influence of Spielberg’s memories on many elements of the film, such as the character design that resembles the “Spielberg” family in reality, especially in terms of shape and form. The same applies to production design and decorations that are actually commensurate with the period during which the events take place, specifically at The beginning of the fifties.

Most importantly, Spielberg’s greatest achievement is the domination of iconography over many scenes that exalt the importance of cinema, even if it is in the form of miniature works such as those created by “Sam”, and others related to the family and the tension that affects its members often, so from Spielberg is expected to win the Academy Award for Best Direction this year. It is not only a culmination of what he presented in the film, but rather an award given for the appreciation of cinema with this amount of love, and for the aesthetics that are not devoid of any work bearing the name “Spielberg” throughout his career. Achievements of the Steven Spielberg ‘The Fabelmans’ are a lot.

All the stars involved in the film had a great deal of brilliance in the level of acting, but the new talent “Gabriel Labelle” should be praised in the role of “Sam”, which is reflected through his performance to the extent of “Sam’s” passion for cinema and the impact of family circumstances and the changes that occur around him on his nature And his feelings greatly, as is the case with “Paul Dano” in the role of “the father”, who presents a realistic picture of the practical father who is trying to find the appropriate job in order to settle down and live normally like other people.

When cinema is love, life, and the greatest passion 8, and “Michelle Williams”, who will actually compete with “Cate Blanchett” this year for the Best Actress award, due to that flood of feelings and passion, embodying the stages of personal breakdown at one time, joy and happiness at another time, and being able to highlight The intellectual, psychological and moral change that affects the personality and affects others, especially Sam, who went through a difficult stage of his life as a result of these circumstances and fluctuations.

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