The Good Nurse movie review – crime in an unusual way

The Good Nurse movie review - crime in an unusual way

The Good Nurse Movie

  • The good nurse movie Release Date: November 04, 2022
  • Audience: 70%
  • Critic’s average rating: 78%
  • USA based Movie.
  • Genres: Crime

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The Good Nurse movie is a real addition to the series of works based on real stories that deserve to be told cinematically, and it has details that make it a suitable material that can leave a good impression on the viewer and make its impact very effective. Thriller and suspense films, but have important unique elements that make them different in every sense of the word, in addition to being very shocking and painful, especially in their last chapters.

The important difference from other thriller and suspense films, or to make them more specific, is that the film is free of any bloody and violent scenes, but rather that it laments a different picture of the crime, and in a way that is difficult to refer to or confirm its occurrence in the first place, and for this the most important reasons that make the movie The Good Nurse, one of the most important works of the year 2022 is the nature of the content, through which it is easy to weave many complexities in the events and confrontations between characters that are often accompanied by tension, and most importantly the mechanisms of the occurrence of the crime, which we may not have seen how to implement it as much as focusing on the consequences of those dependencies. and crimes.

The story of the movie the Good Nurse Movie

Movie The Good Nurse, revolves around the nurse, Amy Luhrjan, who is in great shock when she learns that her colleague, Charles Cullen, is accused of killing many patients by using insulin and digoxin, the famous heart medication, without shedding a single drop of blood.

The Good Nurse movie review

The Good Nurse movie is characterized by the upward rhythm through which the facts become clear slowly after a strong and tight construction of the characters that contribute to the viewer’s understanding of the transformations that occurred in the story when it reaches the last chapters of it. It is worth noting that the script succeeded in spreading anxiety and tension to the recipients by focusing on the characters To greater degrees than presenting many events, and this does not mean at all that the film is devoid of events, but rather that what is meant by the foregoing is that the film tries to give itself the characteristic of uniqueness in the way of presenting excitement and suspense in a different manner than what was presented in that type of film.

Because of the content of the idea itself, we are facing an unusual method of serial killing, and at the cinematic level it has not been presented before, and therefore it is considered for the work makers to choose the topic well for the reason that was previously mentioned, in addition to a good presentation of the study of these characters and highlighting the psychological and moral aspects. For them, it was possible to allow understand more about the motives of the murderer, “Charles Colin”, especially since it was referred to in many press reports, despite the claim of the film at the end that it was not known until this time the reasons for the crimes committed by “Colin” against patients, However, the scenario was satisfied with focusing on the psychological dimensions of the character of “Charles” and his dealings with the personality of the nurse, “Amy”, in many dialogue situations.

Also, we find that the film does not focus only on one particular character, but rather it allows everyone to participate in a great influence on the events, as an example of that the second important character, which is the nurse, “Amy”, who was given a large space by the script paving the way for her transformation related to her dealings with the character “Charles”.Colin”, along with the personalities of the investigators who are trying to find the appropriate way to prove the charge against “Charles” and arrest him, summarizing the foregoing, it can be said that the script for The Good Nurse is strong, coherent, and different at the level of the story, and it will inevitably be seen later as a different work that may Contributes to presenting everything new and different in the world of cinematic excitement and suspense.

The film’s other strength besides the script lies in the acting performances of “Eddie Redmayne” and “Jessica Chastain”. The distinction of “Redmayne” lies in his cold, rigid facial expressions that do not reflect that “Charles Colin” is a criminal and murderer who has such brutality lurking inside him. Distinguished explodes in the final scenes of the film with a wonderful emotion that reflects the psychological turmoil that the character “Charles” enjoys when confronted with the truth. Otherwise, we find “Redmayne” improvising the character’s coldness in speech and dialogue confrontations in a smooth manner that does not change except with the transformation that has been referred to.

As for “Jessica Chastain”, she still shines in complex dramatic performances that bear a great deal of psychological and nervous pressures, and the difficult challenges posed by the nature of the characters on any actor who is required to show all aspects of the personality clearly and evidently, and the winning “Chastain” succeeded. At the Oscars last year, the shock reaction was the result of “Charles” actions, in addition to the embodiment of her suffering related to her illness, and that reaction point is enough to give “Chastain” a certificate of proficiency for what she presented in front of the terrifying and powerful performance of “Eddie Redmayne.”

Conclusion for the review Movie the Good Nurse

In conclusion, he did not frequent the websites specialized in technical news about this work, and no one knew much about him, but he succeeded in giving the audience two hours of excitement and suspense that, in addition to being fun, could have a presence in some way during the awards season this year, especially At the level of representational performances.

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