The Menu movie review – Welcome foodies to Hawthorne Hell

The Menu movie review - Welcome foodies to Hawthorne Hell

Movie the Menu directed by Mark Mylod available on Hotstar.

  • The Menu Release Date: November 18, 2022
  • Audience: 70%
  • Critic’s average rating: 73%, 89% on TomatoMeter
  • Gener: Horror Thriller film
  • USA based Movie.
The Menu Movie: The Menu | The Menu Movie Review|

After the films “Triangle of Sadness” and “Glass Onion A Knives out Mystery”, The Menu is the third time through which we look at the world of the rich with close looks at their character, lives, and behavior, which reflects the extent of clinging to the class that divides society into unequal teams, one in degree. The higher and the other the lower, one behaves arrogantly, arrogantly, and arrogantly, while the other suffers the most severe suffering and is deprived, which makes her deserving of life naturally, and each film about the other has its character through which the idea is treated cinematically, regardless of the quality of the work or not.

We find that “Glass Onion” presents the matter within a mystery and a mysterious crime with all the features and mechanisms of this type of film, and “Triangle of Sadness” presents the idea with important transformations, especially in its last chapters, which may have needed what the makers of “The Menu” understood and succeeded in presenting, which is the confrontation towards These aristocrats are the shepherds of class, and resoundingly, as soon as the chef knocks one hand with the other, the events follow, and the carefully cooked meals are served, but with a deadly touch, with a sharp escalation in the rhythm, with which the mystery disappears little by little. Social touches reality with a very thin thread, in exchange for ropes of shocks and surprises that will greatly strain the nerves.

The story of the movie The Menu

The movie The Menu revolves around “Tyler” and “Margo” who go to a restaurant on the secluded “Hawthorne” island, where they serve the most delicious dishes and foods with special cooking touches and surprises.

The Menu movie review

The script of The Menu movie is characterized by an ascending narration method that presents the characters in a timely manner and in a way that the viewer is known about them and their role in the story as a whole. As the events progress, the film is divided into small chapters related to the foods and items offered by Chef “Julian” and his team, with which the rhythm rises surprisingly and is linked to key details of the story. The shock and surprise factor are formed in a very effective way as if it is actually like a meal that is being cooked on a slow fire, and when it is cooked and becomes edible, the viewer can easily taste it, and in the case of The Menu, the taste will seem sweet at first, then it will change suddenly to coincide with the resounding events of the story.

Another positive point that is in the interest of the work as well is the nature of the ambiguity that occurs in the events when it is anchored on Hawthorne Island, it will appear to everyone how strange the actions of Chef “Julian” are with his sharp and insightful looks, and his calmness in speech and dialogue that may not reach the characters of the movie, but rather it is directed to the viewer Who will feel anxiety and tension due to what Julian has in store for him, whether through food or otherwise, and the scenario rewards the viewer for his patience with unexpected surprises and inflections, in addition to direct knowledge of the goals of “Julian” and the justifications for his actions directed towards the class of the rich who do not appreciate either their transcendent selves and their interests Who does not respect others or what he offers and likes.

The film is also distinguished by its mixing of excitement with a few moments of black comedy that makes the movie a sinister fun that is easy to notice since arriving at the restaurant and guiding the help of “Julian” the Asian “Elsa” to the visitors and dealing with them in a very dry manner, and “Julian” himself, who commits some strange behavior that the movie goes in a way Towards classifying it as a multi-dimensional work that balances all the dramatic, suspenseful, and comedic elements in a very distinctive manner, perhaps making it possible for the script to be nominated for the Oscars this year with merit, even if the color of the film does not match the Academy’s beliefs in the nominations.

Directively, we are in front of the best decorations that were designed to look closer to luxury restaurants in reality, in addition to shining the camera at a close angle that informs the viewer of the way food is made and what the food itself is, and on the characters themselves as it reflects the features of their facial expressions and forms a complete picture of specific characters such as the chef.” Julian, for example, in addition to the degree of colors used, which are somewhat sharp, commensurate with the nature of the events. All of this and more may give the film a well-deserved honor at the level of technical elements.

Acting and Performance in the menu movie:

Of course, the factor most talked about is the acting performance of the wonderful veteran “Ralph Fiennes”, whose looks suffice to express his identity, which bears a burden from the past and great psychological frustration, which the film clearly explains, in addition to Fiennes’s calm and strict way of speaking that reflects the seriousness of Chef “Julian” in His orders are carried out by everyone without discussion or objection, even if they end in real disasters.

The embodiment of Oscar with the distinction that we miss from a great actor of the size of “Ralph Fiennes” is matched by good acting performances from the duo “Anya Taylor-Joy”, who brilliantly represents the reaction to what is happening at the time and expresses at the same time that she is the different member of the invitees concerned with their status and appearances, and “ Hong Chau, who shares “Vance” the deadly calmness that makes you feel reassured at first, and then turns into another human being who tells you that death is coming and will target you no matter how you try to escape.

Conclusion for the The menu movie review

In conclusion, since we have reached the end of the 2022 film season, the year can be assessed as average with some good films that reach the level of excellence, and others that are frustrating, especially from some distinguished filmmakers, and personally, it may have been a mistake to postpone The Menu for all this long period, but the end was It’s so perfect to watch this dark comedy about the world of haute cuisine and the toxic upper echelons of society.

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