The Northman movie review – the epic legend of revenge

The Northman movie review - the epic legend of revenge

Movie The Northman 2022 is based on The legend of Amleth

  • The Northman movie Release Date: March 28, 2022
  • Audience: 60%
  • Critic’s average rating: 90%
  • USA based Movie.
  • Genres: Action Film

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For those who do not know the director of movie The Northman, Robert Eggers, is an American director and production designer who started his artistic career in 2015 with the horror movie “The Witch” and “The Lighthouse” in 2019, and managed to establish his name in a short time as one of the filmmakers. Promising in the field of horror, excitement, and suspense.

The Northman movie review is an epic legend of revenge set in the Viking age. Critics are calling it "a must-see."

Explanation of the movie The Lighthouse. Prometheus’s rebellion, which brought with it suffering

Where his style is distinguished by relying on the philosophy of psychological horror and human fears as a result of the circumstances surrounding them and the dark atmosphere that is always the source of fear and suspicion and the focus of many secrets with which the course of events changes and ends resoundingly and shockingly that interferes with historical data and ancient myths in one template with a completely different identity from What some people imagine about horror and thriller films in one traditional way that does not change.

And “Robert Eggers” films do not need large financial budgets for implementation, montage, and effects operations, and this encourages many production companies to work with “Eggers” in addition to his creative talent that presents new things in the world of cinema and causes a major revival in one of the most popular types of cinema. The audience, but the creator of the artistic content still has the desire to go through different experiences and appear with different works that add to his credit the diversity of what he explores through which the new thing adds to his knowledge of cinema.

Therefore, we find that “Eggers” acquires a budget of about 90 million dollars to present the movie “The Northman”, which belongs to the type of action films and legendary epics through which “Eggers” also resorts to his knowledge of ancient stories and legends as usual, but it is covered with action scenes and striking and bloody battles. In an experience that “Eggers” is going through for the first time, and it has already succeeded in achieving its goal, whether it is for “Eggers” himself, who changes his philosophy in this work, or critical and public acclaim, and he was also at the forefront of the best films of 2022, which is currently close to justice. The Northman

The story of the movie The Northman

The movie, The Northman, revolves around Alameth, the Viking prince, who tries to take revenge on the one who killed his father when he was young and saves his mother, Gudrun.

The Northman movie review

The scenario of “Robert Eggers” and “Sion” imposes the appropriate structure for presenting the events by establishing the basic idea from the beginning and in touch with the Scandinavian mythological dimension, which is a new window that American cinema has not touched on with such precision in detail before, unlike series such as “Vikings” and “Valhalla”. And their differences and the good thing about it is that “Eggers” and “Sion” are lenient with the viewers in terms of dialogue and the lack of complexity in the rituals that are presented so that there is no distance between the recipient and what is happening, especially at the beginning.

Bypassing the beginning, the events of The Northman are formed in a way that is not direct and is based at the same time on the idea of ​​revenge that is cooked on a quiet fire, as a result of which the threads of mystery and excitement are detailed along with some action scenes that are dominated by the epic “Vikings” character. He also succeeded. Eggers” and “Sion” in providing a good twist to the events in the second half of the film, through which the motive of revenge in the character “Amleth” is justified for a reason other than what it was in the first place.

With regard to historical symbols, it is credited to “Eggers” and “Sion” that the events are not crowded with many of them except when necessary so that the viewer remains in touch with all the events of the film, which ends in a distinguished and heroic way paved through the genius directorial efforts presented by “Robert Eggers” and the best mastery.

Since the biography of the director came, the simplest thing that can be said is that “Robert Eggers” presented cinematic paintings similar to what a painter can release from his imagination and mixture of colors. Many wonderful shots are formed in the manner of wide shots or “wide shots” that reflect a specific situation During the film, which can be set as computer backgrounds or paintings attached to the wall, this comes in addition to the fat action scenes that are appropriate for that particular era, as well as the production design that shows full knowledge of the Viking era, and also appears through the design of costumes, music and other artistic elements presented the best work of the year and the best executive.

On the level of acting, this is the second time that the star “Alexander Skarsgård” presents a heroic performance in which he reflects the zeal, partnership, and overwhelming desire for revenge that “Amleth” possesses through extremely strict expressions and high physical fitness in action scenes and a distinguished embodiment of the drama as it occurs. On the other hand, he is met by the young star “Anna Naylor Joy”, who formed a good duet with “Skarsgard”, which was dominated by great harmony, especially in the dramatic and poetic moments.

Conclusion of the Northman movie reviews

The Northman In conclusion, The Northman was a successful venture by director Robert Eggers, perhaps the reason for an appropriate weight for the young American director’s career between commercial and artistic counterparts.

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