The Swimmers movie review – A story that grips all your feelings

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The Swimmers Film

  • Release Date: November 11, 2022
  • Audience: 75%
  • Critic’s average rating: 80%
  • UK and USA based Movie.
  • Genres: Biography – Movie based on Real life

The Swimmers movie is available on Netflix – The Swimmers Netflix

The Swimmers movie review

The events of The Swimmers movie revolve around the two Syrian girls, Yusra and Sarah, whose father wants them to become champions in the Olympics, but when they start training, the situation in Syria deteriorates, and the journey of the two girls fleeing and seeking refuge in a European country begins and they try to achieve their dream of swimming, so will they be able to survive the conditions in Syria and achieve what you want?

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Screenplay and Dialogue in the Swimmers Movie

It may be a bit difficult to deal with a true story for fear that the events will be slow, but the scenario was able to be suitable for narrating the events in a dramatic, attention-grabbing, and very impressive way. He was interested in filming the journey of the two girls from the beginning, so we witnessed their suffering since the outbreak of the war and their flight through the stage of escape itself, as well as the suffering post-escape.

The script was able to show the aspects that the two girls went through, and it was also able to show all the emotional aspects associated with their long journey, which he was able to make with a very large amount of influence and emotion and was able to touch all the influential tendons in the suffering of the refugees and in the attempts of the two girls in order to achieve success.

Dealing with the two sisters’ relationship with each other was also one of the best points in the script, as the relationship was real, realistic, and very touching in every scene.

Perhaps the script needed to make more use of the real story and the presence of more than one refugee person in one place, to result in more dramatic dialogues and scenes as a result of the presence of more than one person whose ideas and lives differ, which is a wasted opportunity that would have added more weight to the film and a greater emotional impact.

But things were going in the best possible way, making the viewer overlook those simple points that the attention would have made the film a higher rank.

Representative performance in the Swimmers Film

Undoubtedly, great strength was represented in the acting performance. The performances and emotions of the actors were to a great degree of mastery and interaction with everything they lived through.

And certainly, the performance of the two heroines, Manal Issa and Natalie Issa, was at its best, and they were able to have a great deal of influence on the viewers, whether during their escape journey or during their relationship with each other, and that strength in the acting performance was one of the biggest strengths in the work.

As for Ahmed Malik’s performance, despite his small size, he gave a wonderful performance that convinced the viewer that he, too, is of Syrian nationality, and he also gave the film a nice touch to lighten the atmosphere without exaggeration.

Director Sally Al-Husseini, who has Egyptian roots, was able to direct The Swimmers well, especially in the scenes of the flight of refugees, and there was great care that all scenes were able to capture the spirit of suffering suffered by the heroes and a strong indication of the pain they endure.

On the other hand, the use of different soundtracks and songs, whether Arabic or foreign, was employed in the best way to be compatible with the events, and the diversity of the songs made the film able to converge with all nationalities.

Conclusion of The Swimmers movie 2022

The Swimmers movie is a wonderful movie and it is worth watching with an 8/10 rating. Its splendor is represented in its embodiment of an issue that the world may have forgotten, which is what the Syrian people have been suffering from since the war, as well as the suffering of the refugees.

Even if the film lost a few things that would have made it better, it still deserves the warm reception it received from critics and audiences, especially with the overwhelming feelings that overflow it, bringing the viewer to the top of the impact.

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