Umbrella Parachute Playset for Kids

Umbrella Parachute Playset for Kids, Outdoor Fun Toys for kids group

Outdoor Fun Toys for kids group-Umbrella Parachute Playset for Kids 9 Holes 305cm Round Shape Inflatable Stick Mole Game for Outdoor Skills Development.

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The umbrella parachute mole game will provide kids of all ages with hours of entertainment while successfully encouraging group cooperation.

2. Playing the parachute mole game outside can help kids improve their perception, cognition, motor, and academic skills, as well as their strength.

3. The multicoloured play parachute mole game is ideal for kindergarten, parent-child activities, and kid-friendly amusement parks.

4. The double sutures used to reinforce the parachute play set ensure that it will not break even after repeated use.

5. Made of firm, durable, wear-resistant, and foldable polyester fabrics, the kid’s parachute mole game set is simple to clean and can be machine-washed.

How to Use

9-hole umbrella, each hole with one person inside, each person with one corner outside, one arm with an inflated rod in the middle, people within the perimeter of the 8 holes start to escape, hitting people and earning a point. Score points after three minutes of play and multiple hits.


  • Outdoor Parachute Mole Game Item Type Fabric: Polyester
  • Hole diameter: approximately 305 cm (120.08 in) Dimensions: About 30 cm/11.81 in; Round;
  • Application: Parent-child activities in kindergarten
  • There are 15 to 25 applicants.
  • Age Requirement: Over 3 years old

Features and Details

Durable use: The parachute playset is specially double-stitched and reinforced to withstand repeated use without damage. It can be used for several years.

 Widely used: The multicoloured parachute mole game is perfect for kindergarten games, parent-child activities, and children’s amusement park games.

Skill development: The outdoor parachute mole game helps children develop sensory, cognitive, motor and academic skills, and also build muscle.

Good polyester: The parachute mall playset for kids is made of polyester fabric. It is made of solid, sturdy, wear-resistant, foldable, machine washable and easy to clean.

Enhances cooperation: Umbrella Parachute His Mole Game brings endless fun to kids of all ages and effectively encourages group cooperation. Warranty does not apply to this product

Important Features:

 1. The Spirit of Teamwork: Parachute games can enhance coordination ability, promote cooperation, train specific reaction speed, and help children play in groups. Encourage cooperative play while strengthening the upper body.

2. Parachute size: 120 inches in diameter, 9 holes, 1 funny colourful parachute in the middle. They are equally spaced for group activity and have handles for simple lifting.

3. wear-resistant, foldable and durable: Constructed with durable 210T polyester taffeta fabric and reinforced handles. This kid’s game parachute is the best outdoor sport.

 4. Easy to fold and store: Comes with 4 inflatable sticks. Perfect for leisure intelligence and physical fitness. Encourages imaginative and interactive play.

 5. Suitable Field: This multi-colour game parachute is perfect for fun and educational groups, kindergartens, parent-child activities, and amusement parks for kids playing outdoor games.

Feedback about the Product:

It is one of the top budget gift item for children age 6+ which helps in the building of developmental outdoor teamwork sports game. parachute umbrella toy is one of the best backyard playsets for kids as well. Umbrella Parachute Playset for Kids is useful games for Group Picnic of School Children, Society Picnic or any outdoor activity.

The build quality of the product Umbrella Parachute Playset for Kids is average. Cloth is used of Polyester material which is very durable.

Game rule to play Umbrella Parachute Playset for Kids is very easy and easily understood by 5+ years childrens.

Price of the product seems to be very high.

The Product is easily available in Amazon, Ebay.

Product is available in Amazon –

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